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(Licensed Baker)

全職職位/Full Time

✔ 職務技能要求:
o 行銷、藝術和組織技能。
o 擅長製作麵包、餅乾和甜點。
✔ Job skill requirements:
o Business, Artistic & Organizational Skills.
o Good at making breads, cookies and desserts.

✔ 個人特質:
o 必須身體健康
o 個性溫暖,有關懷並同理他人的心。
✔ Personal Traits:
o Must be healthy.
o Warm personality, compassionate and empathetic.

✔ 其他要求:
o 專注培訓個案、培訓烘焙助理,指導希望之光個案和志工成為幫手。
o 必須具備駕駛技能。
o 願意在七股工作。
o 全職,能夠彈性配合,為教會、線上平台、活動和公益慈善義賣預備訂單。
o 能立即上班(我們原來的烘焙師,因動手術和需要康復而辭職)。
✔ Other Requirements:
o Focus on training ROH Clients, train baking assistants and guide Ray of Hope clients and volunteers to become helpers.
o Must drive and have driver’s license.
o Willing to work at Qi-Gu Dist of Tainan City.
o Full-time, able to work flexibly to prepare orders for churches, online platforms, events and charity sales.
o Available to work immediately (our previous baker resigned due to surgery and recovery).

請致電 (06) 221-2520 以取得完整的職位說明,我們期待你的加入!
Ray of Hope is not government funded.
It is a Christian ministry to help those in need.
If you meet the above qualifications and have a passion for this job,
please call (06) 221-2520 to get the full job description.
We look forward to your joining us!

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