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(Personal assistant / Translator for American CEO)

全職職位/Full Time

✔ 翻譯能力:擁有良好的口頭和書面翻譯技能,能夠勝任會議、講道和教學等場合的翻譯工作。
✔ Translations:Good at verbal and written translation abilities, capable of performing translation tasks in meetings, sermons, and teaching.

✔ 語言能力:
o 國語/英語:流暢。
o 台語:能夠聽懂並進行基礎對話。
✔ Language Proficiency:
o Chinese/English: Fluent.
o Taiwanese: Able to understand and engage in basic conversations.

✔ 個人特質:
o 擁有良好的自尊心,對自己的工作充滿信心。
o 具備優秀的團隊合作精神,善於與他人協同工作。
✔ Personal Traits:
o Maintains good self-esteem and confidence in work.
o Exhibits excellent team spirit and the ability to collaborate well with others.
✔ 其他要求:
o 必須有駕駛執照並願意開車。
o 願意在七股工作。
o 全職職位,能夠彈性配合,有時需週末工作
✔ Other Requirements:
o Must have driver’s license and willing to drive.
o Willing to work in Qi-Gu Dist of Tainan City.
o Full-time position, able to work flexible hours, occasional weekend work required.

請致電 (06) 221-2520 以取得完整的職位說明,
Ray of Hope is not government funded.
It is a Christian ministry to help those in need.
If you meet the above qualifications and have a passion for this job,
please call (06) 221-2520 to get the full job description.
We look forward to your joining us!

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